Waterfowl Reservations

Learn Missouri's Waterfowl Reservation requirements and procedures, apply for regular and disabled-accessible reservations, and browse waterfowl reservation results and success rates.

For specific questions about waterfowl hunting areas, call your local Missouri Department of Conservation office or see Waterfowl Managed Hunt Areas listed below.


Who may apply: Missouri residents possessing a conservation ID number. The nine-digit Conservation ID# appears on the top of your hunting permit or on the back of your Heritage Card next to the bar code (see Finding Your Conservation Number below).  A hunter may apply for anyone living in his/her immediate household, but the reservation holder must be present at the hunt for the reservation to be valid.

When to apply: From Sept. 1-18, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Results of the drawing will be available on the Waterfowl Reservation Results page (see below) Oct.1 at 8:00 am.

How To Apply:  Go to our Apply for a Waterfowl Reservation link below. Have your Conservation ID# ready.

How the Waterfowl Reservation system works

Choose a specific date, first available weekend, first available day of the week or first available day for each of up to three areas. (Requesting first available day for a particular area gives you a better chance of an award than requesting a specific date.) You will not be awarded an area different from the one(s) you requested. If your choice is not available, then no reservation is awarded for that selection. All entries received are then shuffled and assigned a number in random order. The program looks at the first choice of each hunter and attempts to award that choice. Two possible outcomes can occur:

  • If the hunter's first choice is available, it is awarded. The program then moves on to the next hunter and looks at his or her first choice.
  • If the hunter's first choice is not available, no hunt is awarded, and the program moves to that hunter's second choice, either awarding that selection if available (and moving on to the next hunter), or if not available, the program then looks at that hunter's third choice.

After a first attempt has been made to award each hunter a reservation, the system repeats the same process, going through remaining choices and attempting to award any hunt dates not yet awarded.

In This Section

Waterfowl Reservation Success Rates

Browse an annually updated listing of waterfowl-reservation success rates for B. K. Leach, Bob Brown, Columbia Bottom, Duck Creek, Fountain Grove, Four Rivers, Marais Temps Clair, Montrose, Nodaway Valley, Schell-Osage, Ted Shanks, and Ten Mile Pond.

Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Reservation

Hunters with physical limitations can reserve a disabled-accessible blind on selected areas. Browse requirements and reservation procedures for both waterfowl reservations and Quick Draw.

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Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas

See where the Department's 15 prime public waterfowl hunting areas are located, and learn which offer blinds, walk-in hunting, disabled accessibility, ramps, camping, stamps, and permits.

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