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Going waterfowl hunting? Browse Missouri's Preseason Waterfowl Reports, Waterfowl and Habitat Survey, Waterfowl Harvest and Hunting Updates, Mallard Migration, and Snow-Goose Conservation Order Hunting Report.

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Preseason Wetland Area Status

Browse Missouri's managed wetland areas and waterfowl hunting opportunities. Updated August and October.

Teal Season Wetland Area Status

Browse Missouri's wetland-area conditions and teal-hunting opportunities. Updated August and October.

Mallard Migration

Every week from late September to early February, more than 100 experts in North American's central flyway rank the progress of mallard migration in their areas. We compile their data to bring you a map showing the status of the mallard migration.

Duck Zones and Season Dates

The Missouri Department of Conservation establishes duck seasons and zones with your help.

Waterfowl Hunt Program Evaluation

We evaluated Quick Draw, Every Member Draws, and other elements of the waterfowl hunting program. Find out what we learned.

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