Permit Auto-Renewal

Permit Auto-Renewal Service (Auto-Renewal) will allow a customer to enroll eligible permits in a service that will automatically renew their permits prior to the start of the next season or permit year. This process was designed to ensure a customer never has an expired permit when they need it most.

Auto-Renewal can be turned on for eligible permits that are currently active on a customer account in the “Manage Your Account” section.

In This Section

Auto-Renewal Permits FAQ

This FAQ is provided as a tool to assist customers in understanding how the Auto Renew process works.

Auto-Renewal Permits Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the Auto-Renewal Permits Service as set by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Check the Code

This is NOT a legal document. Regulations are subject to revision during the current year.
Refer to the Wildlife Code.

Permit Information

Before you hunt or fish this season, make sure to buy your Missouri hunting and fishing permits. General information about permits.

Landowner Permit Quiz

Take this simple quiz to determine if you qualify for a no-cost or reduced-cost landowner permit.

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If you're a Missouri resident and in the National Guard or reserve forces, you may be eligible for reduced cost permits or exceptions.
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The Conservation Permit Card

The card makes buying hunting and fishing permits easy.
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Apprentice Hunter Authorization

Apprentice hunters can purchase firearms hunting permits and hunt in the immediate presence of a mentor.
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Permit Auto-Renewal

Learn more about how to enroll in the Permit Auto-Renewal Service.

Permit Auto-Renewal