Learn about Trapping

Getting Started

Learn how and what you need to get started trapping in Missouri.

Trap Basics

Learn about the types of traps, how they work, and which you should use.

Set Types

You need to set you traps according to the animal you want to catch. Learn about the various set types you can use.

Where to Trap

Find where you can try out trapping.

What to do with Your Catch

Learn how you can store or prepare your catch for selling.

Cable Restraint Classes

Class on how to use cable restraints to catch Missouri wildlife.

Missouri Furbearer Annual Report

Check the harvest data and program progress of Missouri's furbearer programs.

Record-Weight Furbearers

View the list of Missouri's record-weight furbearers, and let us know if you think you've trapped a record-breaking furbearer.

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Refer to the Wildlife Code.