Hunting / Trapping

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The results will be available September 1st, 2018 - January 15th, 2019.

Starts September 1st.

Because there is high demand to hunt on some wetland areas, a few different types of drawings are used to fairly choose which hunters get to hunt in the form of random drawings.


Find information here about hunting ducks, geese, and coots.

Missouri's Share the Harvest program helps deer hunters donate surplus venison to the needy.

In This Section

Species A-Z

In-depth guides to every huntable species in Missouri.


A one-stop shop for regulations information, filterable by species.


How-to information about trapping in Missouri.

Trophies & Certificates

Commemorate and share your harvest.

Where to Hunt & Shoot

Find great places to hunt in Missouri.

Hunter Education & Skills Training

Hunter education is required for firearms hunting in Missouri. Find opportunities near you.

Wildlife Diseases

Learn about diseases, infections, and parasites than can infect Missouri wildlife.