Managed Hunts


Some of the best public waterfowl hunting opportunities are found on the Department’s 15 intensively-managed wetlands and these areas have draw procedures in place to allocate limited hunting opportunities. Hunters can apply online for reservations in September, as well as throughout the waterfowl season.

Only Missouri residents are allowed to enter the reservation drawings through the online system. Qualifying non-residents (i.e. non-resident students, military stationed in Missouri) are also able to enter the online reservation draws. ADA blinds can be applied for by qualifying hunters using the same online system. All hunting parties on these 15 areas are limited to four people.

Nonresident hunters can be a member of a reservation party or try their luck for an open spot in the “poor line”. Nonresident hunters can also go to any open-hunting waterfowl area without a reservation at any time during the waterfowl season.

Learn what to expect at a morning draw.

Open Hunting Areas

Open hunting areas allow waterfowl hunting, without a reservation, at any time during the waterfowl season. These areas are not as intensively managed for their wetland habitat, so they can be a little more unpredictable. Waterfowl may or may not be using the area, but there’s no line, and no reservation needed!

Check Places To Go for these open waterfowl areas.

In This Section

Waterfowl Area Draw Times

Browse yearly updated draw times for our managed waterfowl areas.

Morning Draw Procedure

The waterfowl morning draw procedure has changed for 2019-20.

Waterfowl Reservations

Learn Missouri's Waterfowl Reservation requirements and procedures, apply for regular and disabled-accessible reservations, and browse waterfowl reservation results and success rates.

The Poor Line

Learn what the term "poor line" means.

Nonresident Waterfowl Hunting in Missouri

Nonresident waterfowl hunters have a few options for hunting in Missouri.

Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Reservations

Disabled-accessible waterfowl hunting blinds are available by reservation in most of Missouri's 15 intensively-managed waterfowl hunting areas.  

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Migratory Bird/Waterfowl Permit and Stamp Requirements

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Upper Mississippi CA Online Blind Drawing

All blind draws for the Upper Mississippi Conservation Area restricted waterfowl hunting zone will be conducted online every other year.

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