Bluegill, Green, Longear, Redear


Bluegill, Longear Sunfish

Reports and Prospects for Sunfish

Redear Sunfish
Deep and slab-sided sunfish with a small-sized mouth, the upper jaw not reaching past the front of the eye. Back and sides are golden or light olive-green. Belly is yellow or orange-yellow. Sides often have dark, vertical bars. Ear flap is black with a whitish border and a prominent orange or red spot.

Longear Sunfish
Deep and slab-sided sunfish with a moderate-sized mouth, the upper jaw nearly reaching the front of the eye. Back and sides are blue-green speckled with yellow and emerald; the belly is yellow or orange. Side of head is olive or light orange with sky-blue vermiculations. Elongated ear flap is black and often bordered in white. Rounded pectoral fin.

Green Sunfish
The green sunfish is thick-bodied with a large mouth. The upper jaw extends to about the middle of the eye. The back and sides are bluish green, grading to pale yellow or white on the belly.

One of the most abundant and popular panfishes in North America, this deep-bodied, slab-sided sunfish sports a black “ear flap” extending from the edge of its gill cover.

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