Northern Hog, Redhorse, White


White sucker side view

Reports and Prospects for Suckers

Northern Hogsucker
One of the most abundant and widely distributed stream fishes in the Ozarks, the northern hogsucker has a large, bony, square head. The mouth is at the tip of snout on the bottom; the lips are highly protrusible and covered with bumps. There are usually four dark crossbars.

Golden Redhorse
The golden redhorse is a smaller-bodied sucker with large scales and a short dorsal fin. The lower lip is broken into parallel folds, and the rear margin of the lower lip forms a V-shaped angle.

Shorthead Redhorse Sucker
The shorthead redhorse is a slender, coarse-scaled sucker with a short dorsal fin and bright red tail.  The head is shorter than those of other redhorse suckers.

River Redhorse Sucker
The river redhorse is a moderately chubby, coarse-scaled sucker with a short dorsal fin and bright red tail.

White Sucker
A smaller-bodied sucker with fine scales, the white sucker has a short dorsal fin and lips covered with small bumps. Its coloration makes it almost invisible when resting on a gravel stream bed.

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