Northern Hog, Redhorse, White


White sucker side view

Reports and Prospects for Suckers

White Sucker

A smaller-bodied sucker with fine scales, the white sucker has a short dorsal fin and lips covered with small bumps. Its coloration makes it almost invisible when resting on a gravel stream bed.

Golden Redhorse

The golden redhorse is a smaller-bodied sucker with large scales and a short dorsal fin. The lower lip is broken into parallel folds, and the rear margin of the lower lip forms a V-shaped angle.

Northern Hogsucker

One of the most abundant and widely distributed stream fishes in the Ozarks, the northern hogsucker has a large, bony, square head. The mouth is at the tip of snout on the bottom; the lips are highly protrusible and covered with bumps. There are usually four dark crossbars.

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