Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)


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Chronic Wasting Disease
Chronic Wasting Disease
Mike Hopper, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

Notice: Hunters who harvest a deer from a CWD Management Zone county on Nov. 14th & 15th will not be required this year to bring their deer to an MDC sampling station on the day of harvest due to Public Health concerns tied to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. However, 71 sampling stations in these counties will remain open and hunters are encouraged to voluntarily participate in CWD sampling on those days.

Hunters who harvest a deer in a CWD Management Zone county should be aware of new carcass transport regulations.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a deadly illness in white-tailed deer and other members of the deer family, called cervids.

The disease has been found in Missouri and is slowly spreading. The Missouri Department of Conservation is working with conservation partners to find cases and limit its spread. CWD remains relatively rare in the state at this time.

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Here are link to indepth studies related to deer dying from CWD and CWD driving population declines:

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CWD Surveillance

Get information on the latest CWD sampling and testing efforts by MDC, where CWD has been found in Missouri, what else MDC is doing to limit the spread of CWD, and how the public can help.

Mandatory CWD Sampling (Voluntary in 2020)

Get details on MDC mandatory sampling activities, counties included in mandatory sampling, sampling locations, an interactive map to find locations, mandatory sampling instructions and tips, and details on mandatory sampling. 

Voluntary CWD Sampling Statewide All Season

MDC offers free, voluntary CWD sampling of hunter-harvested deer taken in counties of its CWD Management Zone during the entire deer-hunting season.

Carcass Transport and Disposal

Carcasses or carcass remains of CWD-infected deer can spread the disease. Dispose your carcass properly.

Share the Harvest: CWD Testing Requirements

Deer donated to Share the Harvest must be tested for CWD if harvested from any of the 11 counties where CWD has been found.

Human Health Risks From CWD

There is no strong evidence CWD has been transmitted to any species outside of the deer family, including humans. Learn more here.

Post-Season Targeted Culling

Learn why, where, and how MDC works with landowners to cull deer in immediate areas around where recent cases of CWD have been found – along with results. 

CWD Public Input Summary (pdf, 7 MB)

Summary of public input taken during the 2018 fall public meetings and comment period. 

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Chronic Wasting Disease Regulations

If you are deer hunting in any CWD Management Zone counties, follow these rules for preventing the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Deer: CWD Management Permit FAQs


In designated Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Core Areas, landowners of 20 contiguous acres or greater are eligible to receive up to 10 no-cost CWD Management Permits for use on their qualifying properties.