Auto-Renewal Permits FAQ

Permit Auto-Renewal Service FAQ

What is the Permit Auto-Renewal Service?

Permit Auto-Renewal Service (Auto-Renewal) is a feature that will allow a customer to enroll eligible permits in a service that will automatically renew them for the next permit year. This process was designed to ensure a customer never has an expired permit when they need it most.

How is Auto-Renewal Turned On?

Auto-Renewal is a voluntary feature that can only be activated by the customer. Auto-Renewal can be turned on for eligible permits that are currently active on a customer account in the “Manage Your Account” section and under “Manage Your Auto-Renewal Settings,” as well as during the purchase of an Auto-Renewal eligible permit on the Internet. Instructions on how to turn on Auto-Renewal are provided below.

How is Auto-Renewal Turned Off?

Auto-Renewal can be turned off at any time by logging into “Manage Your Account”, and then going to “Manage Your Auto-Renewal Settings.” Instructions on how to turn off Auto-Renewal are provided below.

Is Auto-Renewal Required?

No. Customers are not required to use Auto-Renewal, it is a voluntary service offered by the Department. To participate, customers are required to turn on Auto-Renewal. Once enrolled, if a customer wishes to cancel their participation in the service, they can turn off Auto-Renewal.

Is an Email Address Required to Participate in Auto-Renewal?

Yes. To enroll in Auto-Renewal a valid email address is required. Auto-Renewal will send email updates – including initial enrollment, changes made by the customer, reminders of upcoming renewals and charges, and notification of a successful renewal and charge – to the email address provided by the customer. Therefore, a valid email address is required to receive all the benefits Auto-Renewal offers.

Will Email Notices Be Sent to Customers Who Choose to Use Auto-Renewal?

Yes. An email will notify customers that their eligible permit will be renewed using Auto-Renewal both 30- and 7-days prior to the renewal of their permit(s). Auto-Renewal settings can be adjusted any time before the permit renewal.

Is Auto-Renewal available for permits purchased from my local permit vendor?

Yes. While Auto-Renewal is not able to be turned on during a transaction by the permit vendor, customers can turn on Auto-Renewal for eligible permits by using the Manage Your Account.

What if I purchase a permit enrolled in Auto-Renewal before the Auto-Renewal process runs?

The permit that was enrolled in Auto-Renewal will not be renewed since it has already been purchased. The permit will remain enrolled in Auto-Renewal and will be renewed during the next renewal period.

Which permits are eligible for Auto-Renewal?

Annual Hunting and Fishing Permits Deer and Turkey Permits
Resident Hunting and Fishing Resident Spring Turkey Hunting (Including Youth)
Resident Fishing Nonresident Spring Turkey Hunting (Including Youth)
White River Border Lakes Resident Fall Turkey Hunting (Including Youth)
Nonresident Fishing Nonresident Fall Turkey Hunting (Including Youth)
Trout Permit (Including Youth) Resident Archer’s Hunting (Including Youth)
Resident Small Game Hunting Nonresident Archer’s Hunting (Including Youth)
Nonresident Small Game Hunting Resident Firearms Any Deer Hunting (Including Youth)
Resident Trapping Nonresident Firearms Any Deer Hunting (Including Youth)
Nonresident Furbearer Hunting and Trapping  
Resident Conservation Order  
Nonresident Conservation Order  

Which permits are not eligible for Auto-Renewal?

Permit Type Reason
Conservation Permit Card The Conservation Permit Card never expires and only needs to be purchased again if the card is lost, destroyed or in the event of a name change.
Daily Fishing/Hunting Permits Fishing and hunting trip dates change from year to year.
Antlerless Permits (Archery/Firearms) County and season regulations are subject to change.
Landowner Permits Property ownership is subject to change.
Migratory Bird Permit Fulfillment of the Harvest Information Program (HIP) survey.
Electronic Federal Duck Stamp Fulfillment requirements for the physical stamp.
License Plate Authorizations Variances in license plate renewal dates.

How to Turn ON Auto-Renewal for Permits CURRENTLY on a Customer’s Account:

Signing up for Auto-Renewal Takes 4 Easy Steps

  1. Log In
  2. Add Your Payment Method
  3. Select the Permits You Want to Auto-Renewal
  4. Accept the Permit Auto-Renewal Service Terms and Conditions

1. Log In

Go to and select the “Manage Your Account” tile and log into your account.




Once logged in, select “Manage Your Auto-Renewal Settings.”





Add Your Payment Method

To enroll in Auto-Renewal, the customer will first need to add their payment method by selecting “Add Payment Method.”







If the customer does not have current permits on their account that would make them eligible for Auto-Renewal, they will receive the following pop-up which will allow them to proceed to the sales process to purchase permits that are eligible for Auto-Renewal.





Select the Permits You Want Enrolled in Auto-Renewal

Once the payment has been added, the customer will be able to turn ON products that are eligible for Auto-Renewal.





2. Accept the Permit Auto-Renewal Service Terms and Conditions

To complete the signup process, the customer will have to agree to the Permit Auto-Renewal Service Terms and Conditions and select Save. Permit Auto-Renewal Service Terms and Conditions are available for review at:

How to Turn ON Auto-Renewal when purchasing a NEW permit:

Signing up for Auto-Renewal Takes Only 4 Easy Steps

  1. Log In: select "Purchase Your Permits".
  2. Confirm Your Customer Information: An email address is required for any online sale and to participate in Auto-Renewal.
  3. Add Permits to the Shopping Cart: Permits eligible for Auto-Renewal will require the customer to turn ON the products they would like to enroll in Auto-Renewal.
  4. Add Your Payment Method and Accept the Permit Auto-Renewal Service Terms and Conditions.














How to Turn Off Auto-Renewal Features and Delete Payment Method:

  1. Log In: Select Manage Your Account, Log In, select Manage Your Auto-Renewal Settings.
  2. Toggle the Permits Eligible for Auto-Renewal to Off
  3. Select Save: After selecting “Save” and accepting the confirmation to cancel, the Payment Method will be deleted and Auto-Renewal will be turned off. An email will be sent to the email address on the customer’s account confirming the cancellation of Auto-Renewal.





How to Edit Payment Method:

  1. Log In: Select Manage Your Account, Log In, select Manage Your Auto-Renewal Settings.
  2. Select Update Payment Method
  3. Update the Cardholder’s Information: After selecting “Update” the updates made to the customer’s Payment Method will be saved and an email will be sent to the email account on the customer’s account.







∗ Refer to “How to Turn Off Auto-Renewal Features” to Turn OFF Auto-Renewal and Delete Your Payment Method.

If you have additional questions regarding the Permit Auto-Renewal Service, contact MDC Permit Services staff by calling (573) 522-0107 and selecting Option 4, or by emailing

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