Mandatory CWD Sampling - 2019

CWD Management Zones
CWD Management Zones

If you harvest a deer from certain counties in the CWD Management Zone during Nov. 16 or 17, 2019, you must take your deer -- or the head with at least 6 inches of the neck in place -- on the day of harvest to one of the following CWD sampling stations listed below. 

Sampling stations are open from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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The counties for mandatory sampling are: Adair, Barry, Cedar, Chariton, Christian, Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade, Hickory, Howell, Jefferson, Knox, Linn, Macon, Mercer, Oregon, Ozark, Perry, Polk, Putnam, St. Charles, St. Clair, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Stone, Sullivan, Taney, Warren, and Washington.

Tips for Visiting a Mandatory Sampling Station

  • Field dress and Telecheck your deer before arrival.
  • You can bring the carcass or just the head with at least 6 inches of the neck attached. (It is OK to remove the cape before you get to the sampling station.)
  • The person who harvested the deer must be present.
  • Be prepared to provide your Conservation Number and point out the location of harvest on a map.
  • If using a paper permit, have it detached from the deer for easy access. If using the MO Hunting app, have your permit and Telecheck information readily available.
  • Position the deer in your vehicle with the head and neck accessible.
CWD Mandatory Sampling Stations
County Nearest City Sampling Station Address GPS Coordinates Directions From Nearest Highway/Intersection
Adair Kirksville NEMO Fairgrounds 2700 E. Illinois 40.196779, -92.551785 0.25 mile east on Hwy. 11 from Hwy. 63 bypass and Hwy. 11 E. intersection
Adair Novinger Novinger Country Store 206 Front St. 40.230262, -92.702399 0.25 mile east of Hwy. 6 W. and Hwy. 149 N. intersection
Barry Cassville Roaring River State Park 24390 Farm Rd. 1135 36.59251, -93.83266 Located in Roaring River State Park south of Cassville 7 miles on Hwy. 112, north on Farm Rd. 1135 to fish hatchery office
Barry Purdy Purdy Community Center 401 State Hwy. C 36.81586, -93.91982 Located in front of Purdy Schools; from the Hwy. 37 and Hwy. C intersection, east 0.5 mile
Barry Shell Knob Central Crossing Fire Protec­tion District Headquarters 23463 State Hwy. 39 36.63958, -93.64109 1.5 miles north of Shell Knob on Hwy. 39
Cedar El Dorado Springs El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce 1303 Hwy. 32 37.862087, -94.012156 Shopping center directly east of the Hwy. 54 and Hwy. 32 intersection in El Dorado Springs
Cedar Stockton Stockton Lake — Crabtree Cove Park 17630 ECT-1 37.667242, -93.751305 5 miles east of Stockton on Hwy. 32 to 1791
Chariton Keytesville Keytesville MODOT Facility 220 E. Jackson St. 39.432360, -92.932360 Intersection of Hwy. 24 and Hwy. 5 N.
Chariton Sumner Swan Lake NWR — Former State Hunting Headquarters Refuge Rd. and Hwy. E 39.637634, -93.202405 0.25 mile west of Hwy. E on Refuge Rd.
Christian Clever Clever EleMiddle School 103 S. Public Ave. 37.028447, -93.475897 From Hwy. 14, 0.5 mile south on N. Public Ave.; continue 0.1 mile south on Sullivan Rd. then west on W. Inman St. 0.1 mile
Christian Sparta Sparta High School 8520 Hwy. 14 37.005926, -93.066825 From the Hwy. 14 and Hwy. 125 inter­section on the east side of Sparta, 0.5 mile east on Hwy. 14
Crawford Cherryville Steelville Fire Protection District Station No. 2 20416 Hwy. 19 S. 37.850077, -91.277651 On Hwy. 19, 0.1 mile south of the Hwy. 19 and Hwy. 49 intersection
Crawford Cuba Cuba Knights of Columbus Hall 7057 Old 66 38.089679, -91.371669 From Exit 210 (Hwy. UU) on I-44, south on Historic Rt. 66
Crawford Steelville Huzzah Valley Resort 970 E. Hwy. 8 37.973257, -91.201597 From Steelville, east on Hwy. 8 for 10 miles
Franklin Beaufort Beufort Lions Club 2041 Lutheran Church Rd. 38.435917, -91.194025 From the Rt. 50 and Hwy. 185 intersec­tion in Beaufort, north on Hwy. 185 for 1 mile to Lutheran Church Rd., then west on Lutheran Church Rd. 0.2 mile
Franklin Gray Summit Travelodge Six Flags/Gray Summit parking lot across from Shaw Nature Reserve 2875 Hwy. 100 38.482649, -90.825436 From Exit 253 (Hwy. 100) on I-44, west on Hwy. 100/Historic Rt. 66 to the Travelodge Six Flags parking lot across from Shaw Nature Reserve
Franklin New Haven Colter's Landing Access Hwy. 100 38.589293, -91.161767 From New Haven, east on Hwy. 100 for 3.5 miles
Franklin Sullivan Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall 1000 Acid Mine Rd. 38.235767, -91.155063 From Exit 226 on I-44, north to North Service Rd., then east on North Service Rd. 500 ft. to Acid Mine Rd. Take Acid Mine Rd. north for 0.6 mile
Gasconade Drake Drake MODOT Facility 1972 Hwy. 50 38.469348, -91.465301 Intersection of Rt. 50 and Hwy. 19
Gasconade Hermann Hermann City Park 214 W. 11th St. 38.697683, -91.441439 From Hwy. 19, travel west on 14th St., north on Gasconade St., then turn right onto 12th St.
Gasconade Owensville Owensville Memorial Park 712 Park Dr. 38.352775, -91.492178 From Hwy. 19 take Park Dr. west
Hickory Hermitage Pomme de Terre U.S. Corps of Engineers Maintenance Shop Hwy. 254 W. 37.906254, -93.318782 1 mile west of Hwy. 254 and Hwy. 64 intersection on Hwy. 254
Howell Caulfield 101 Saddle Club Arena Hwy. 160 36.615333, -92.103201 Located on north side of Hwy. 160, 0.1 mile east of Hwy. 160 and Hwy. 101 intersection
Howell Mountain View Mountain View Airport Airport Rd. 36.993443, -91.704709 Located on S. Hwy. 17, 0.5 mile south of Hwy. 60 and Hwy. 17 intersection
Howell West Plains Ozark Regional MDC Office 551 Joe Jones Blvd. 36.743163, -91.846106 Located on north side of Hwy. 160, 0.2 mile east of Hwy. BB
Howell Willow Springs Willow Springs City Hall 900 W. Main St. 37.001495, -91.976620 Located on Business 60, 1.2 miles east of the Hwy. 63 intersection
Jefferson Cedar Hill VFW Post 5331 1 Lynn Ln. 38.357221, -90.646270 From Hwy. 30, east on Rt. BB to Vet­erans Dr., then north on Veterans Dr. for 0.2 mile to Lynn Ln.; turn left onto Lynn Ln.
Jefferson De Soto De Soto MODOT Facility 4400 Hwy. 110 38.166061, -90.556026 Hwy. 110 south from Hwy. 21 for 0.8 mile
Jefferson Herculaneum Parking lot across from Buchheit's 200 Riverview Plaza Dr. 38.256086, -90.391041 Take Exit 178 off I-55, turn east onto McNutt Rd. and continue on Crystal City/Herky Rd. for 0.7 mile
Knox Edina 4-H Pavilion 107 N. 4th St. 40.168770, -92.172301 From the Hwy. 6 and Hwy. 15 intersec­tion in Edina, take Hwy. 6 east for 0.1 mile and turn left onto N. Main St.; continue 500 ft. to 4-H pavilion on the right
Linn Brookfield Linn County Fairgrounds 29248 Idalis Rd. 39.761271, -93.059617 Southeast of the Hwy. 36 and Hwy. 11 intersection; take Park Circle Dr. east to Inman Dr. South, turn right on Ida Dr. to Idalis Dr.
Linn Purdin Purdin Community Center 402 C St. 39.952471, -93.165967 Intersection of Hwy. 5 and Rt. C
Macon La Plata La Plata City Park E. Sanders St. 40.022342, -92.491505 Intersection of E. Sanders St. and S. Gex St.
Macon Macon Macon County Fairgrounds Hwy. 63 S. 39.721505, -92.465139 South of Hwy. 63 S. and Rt. PP intersection
Macon New Cambria New Cambria Livestock Market 29262 Hwy. 149 39.768799, -92.748356 0.25 mile north of Hwy. 36 and Hwy. 149 N. intersection
Mercer Princeton Lake Paho Conservation Area 15643 Fathom St. 40.399842, -93.657527 From Princeton, take Hwy. 136 west 4 miles, then right on Fathom St.
Oregon Alton Alton High School 505 School St. 36.690843, -91.400050 From Hwy. 19, take Market St. 0.3 mile to Vine St.; go west 0.1 mile on Vine St. to School St. and enter school campus
Oregon Couch Couch School 22206 Hwy. 142 36.540856, -91.309526 From Hwy. 142 and Hwy. E intersec­tion, 0.2 mile east on Hwy. 142
Oregon Koshkonong Koshkonong School Bus Garage 100 School St. 36.604000, -91.647423 North school entrance at the intersec­tion of Hwy. 63 and Hwy. Z
Oregon Wilderness Wilderness Community Building County Rd. 158 36.789299, -91.193692 On County Rd. 158, 0.1 mile west of County Rd. 158 and Hwy. K intersection
Ozark Dora Dora School Hwy. 181 S. 36.77286, -92.21653 0.25 mile east of Hwy. 181 and Hwy. CC intersection
Ozark Gainesville Gainesville School 422 Bulldog Dr. 36.61096, -92.40130 1 mile east of the Hwy. 5 and Hwy. 160 intersection
Perry Perryville Perryville MDC Forestry Office 2206 W. St. Joseph St. 37.729246, -89.897063 From Exit 129 on I-55, take Hwy. 51 north 1.25 miles to Hwy. T (St. Joseph St.), turn left and go 0.75 mile to site on north side of the road
Perry Uniontown Heartland Social Club 578 Hwy. A 37.617834, -89.704297 From the Hwy. 61 and Hwy. A intersec­tion in Uniontown, east on Hwy. A for 0.5 mile; station is on the north side of road across from Meyer Ln.
Polk Bolivar Bolivar Fire Station No. 2 (West) 812 S. Killingsworth 37.606839, -93.435182 From Hwy. 13, east on Hwy. 32, south on Killingsworth Ave.
Putnam Unionville Putnam County Fairgrounds Hwy. 5 N. 40.481203, -93.009244 0.3 mile north of Hwy. 136 and Hwy. 5 N. intersection
St. Charles St. Charles Parking lot north of Emerald View Turf Farm Hwy. 79 38.840161, -90.689376 On Hwy. 79, 0.3 mile south of Hwy. M in O'Fallon
St. Charles Weldon Spring Weldon Spring Conserva­tion Area Shop 6990 Hwy. 94 S. 38.700308, -90.709932 From I-64, south on Hwy. 94 for 1.2 miles to entrance south of Rt. D
St. Clair Collins Former MODOT Mainte­nance Shop 1501 Business 13 S. 37.886956, -93.623523 0.3 mile south of the Hwy. 54 and Busi­ness 13 intersection on Business 13
St. Clair Osceola Osceola MDC Wildlife Shop 3815 NE. Hwy. 13 38.075825, -93.702473 1.5 miles north of Osceola, turn onto Old Missouri 13 on the west side of Hwy. 13 (across from Osceola Cheese), drive 0.2 mile north from the Hwy. 13 and Old Missouri 13 intersection to the orange metal building
St. Francois Knob Lick Klug Transport Lot Hwy. 67/Hwy. DD Intersection 37.674718, -90.373348 Parking lot located just southeast of the Hwy. 67 and Hwy. DD intersection
St. Francois Park Hills Mineral Area College 112 Dixie Kohn Dr. 37.843636, -90.480207 From the Hwy. 67 and Hwy. 32 inter­section, east on Flat River Rd., north on Dixie Kohn Dr. for 0.4 mile to Parking Lot B
Ste. Genevieve Bloomsdale Bloomsdale Knights of Columbus Hall 175 Jersey Ln. 38.005319, -90.215575 From Exit 157 off I-55 at Bloomsdale, east on Rt. Y for 0.25 mile, south on Jersey Ln. for 0.2 mile
Ste. Genevieve Ozora Ozora Travel Plaza 17049 New Bremen Rd. 37.874567, -90.036967 From Exit 143 of I-55 at Ozora, west on Rt. N to New Bremen Rd.
Stone Crane Crane High School 209 Pirate Ln. 36.89434, -93.56985 Located on Hwy. 265/413
Stone Lampe Lampe MODOT Facility 1063 Hwy. 86 36.52962, -93.44373 On Hwy. 86, 1 mile west of the Hwy. 13 and Hwy. 86 intersection
Sullivan Milan North Central Missouri Electric Coop 1098 Hwy. E 40.205772, -93.135211 Immediately west of Hwy. 5 S. and Rt. E intersection
Taney Bradleyville Bradleyville Fire Department 25876 Hwy. 76 36.781033, -92.910977 Located at the Hwy. 76 and Hwy. 125 intersection
Taney Branson Branson MDC Forestry Office 226 Claremont Dr. 36.69415, -93.21872 From Hwy. 465 and Hwy. 65 intersec­tion on the north side of Branson, south on East Outer Rd. 1.3 miles, southeast on Rinehart Rd. 0.1 mile, north on Claremont Dr. 0.1 mile
Taney Rueter Mark Twain School 37707 Hwy. 160 36.59437, -92.84663 0.25 mile east of the Hwy. 160 and Hwy. 125 intersection or 2 miles east of Rueter
Warren Marthasville S & R Convenience Center 15397 Hwy. 47 38.623783, -91.061588 South of the Hwy. 47 and Hwy. 94 intersection and across Hwy. 47 from the Marthasville ball fields
Warren Warrenton Warren County Fairgrounds 615 Fairgrounds Rd. 38.836887, -91.141481 From I-70, north on Hwy. 47 for 1 mile, west on Fairgrounds Rd.
Washington Potosi Potosi City Park 10479 Hwy. P 37.920775, -90.780956 From Hwy. 8 (E. High St.) in Potosi, south on Hwy. P (Park Dr.) for 0.6 mile
Washington Richwoods Roy's Convenience Store 17203 W. Hwy. 47 38.155734, -90.807701 1 mile south of Hwy. A on Hwy. 47 near Richwoods

Having Trouble Finding a Sampling Station?

Simply type the GPS coordinates into the search engine on your smartphone or tablet. Most will show the location on a map and guide you there with turn-by-turn directions.

  • For questions about CWD sampling stations in Adair, Knox, Linn, Macon, or Sullivan counties, please call the Conservation Department’s Northeast Regional Office at 660-785-2420.
  • For questions about CWD sampling stations in Cole and Moniteau counties, please call the Conservation Department’s Central Regional Office at 573-815-7900.
  • For questions about CWD sampling stations in Crawford, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Warren, or Washington counties, please call the Conservation Department’s St. Louis Regional Office at 636-441-4554.
  • For questions about CWD sampling stations in Barry, Cedar, Dade, Hickory, Ozark, Polk, St. Clair, Stone, and Taney counties, please call the Conservation Department’s Southwest Regional Office at 417-895-6880.

  • CWD sampling takes only a few minutes and consists of cutting an incision across the throat of harvested deer to remove lymph nodes for testing.
  • Tissue samples are sent to an independent lab for testing.
  • There is no approved test for CWD on live deer.
  • Hunters presenting bucks bound for taxidermy should inform MDC staff of that. Staff will complete paperwork and inform the hunters about participating taxidermists taking CWD tissue samples. The cape may also be removed from the animal prior to being taken to a sampling station as long as about six inches of the neck is left attached.
  • Hunters will be given a card with information on getting free test results for their deer after samples are processed.

Why MDC Does Mandatory Sampling

Mandatory sampling dramatically increases the number of tissue samples MDC can collect in a brief period of time. The increased number of samples gives MDC scientists a much better understanding of the distribution and prevalence of the disease -- where it is and how many deer may have it. It can also help find new cases in new areas.

Mandatory Sampling during Opening Weekend of Firearms Season

Opening weekend of the firearms deer season is the most popular two hunting days for most deer hunters. Hunters take about a third of our state’s total annual deer harvest during those two days. Focusing on this key weekend gives MDC the best opportunity to collect the most tissue samples during a very concentrated time period.

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