Feeding Ban and Other Regulations

MDC Restricts Feeding and Minerals in CWD Management Zone

CWD is spread from deer to deer and the potential for transmission increases when deer gather in larger, concentrated numbers. Feeding deer or placing minerals for deer unnaturally concentrates the animals and can help spread the deadly disease. The goal of the expanded feeding ban is to help limit the spread of CWD.

According to the Wildlife Code of Missouri, the placement of grain, salt products, minerals, and other consumable natural and manufactured products used to attract deer is prohibited year-round within counties of the CWD Management Zone.


  • Feed placed within 100 feet of any residence or occupied building
  • Feed placed in such a manner to reasonably exclude access by deer
  • Feed and minerals present solely as a result of normal agricultural or forest management, or crop and wildlife food production practices

Other Special Regulations for the CWD Management Zone

  • Antler-Point Restriction: MDC has removed the antler-point restriction for CWD-Management-Zone counties. This was done so young bucks are no longer protected from harvest because young bucks can spread the disease to new areas as they search for territories and mates.
  • Firearms Antlerless Permits: MDC has also increased the availability of firearms antlerless permits for CWD Management Zone counties to increase antlerless harvest opportunities  This was done to help prevent undesired population increases in local deer numbers.

Don’t Remove Deer from CWD Management Zone. Report Sick Deer.

  • Moving carcasses out of the immediate areas where harvested and improperly disposing of them can spread the disease.
  • If someone must move a deer carcass out of the immediate area, be sure to properly dispose of all leftover parts, such as by bagging them and placing in the trash.
  • Certain carcass parts, such as boned out meat, are a lower risk to move because the prion that causes CWD is not concentrated in these parts.
  • Report sick deer to local MDC staff

Bringing Harvested Deer or Other Cervids into Missouri

  • Hunters who harvest deer, elk, or moose outside of the state and bring the animals back must report the entry into Missouri within 24 hours by calling 877-853-5665 or reporting it online.
  • The carcass must be taken to a licensed meat processor or taxidermist within 72 hours of entry.
  • Hunters just passing through Missouri on their way to another state are exempt from this requirement as long as they are not in Missouri for longer than 24 hours.
  • The reporting requirement is only for whole carcasses and carcasses that have the head and spinal column attached.
  • Parts that do not require reporting and that are at lower risk for harboring CWD include: meat that is cut and wrapped; boned-out-meat; quarters or other portions of meat with no parts of the spine or head attached; hides or capes from which excess tissue has been removed; antlers, including those attached to skull plates; and skulls where all muscle and brain tissue has been removed.