Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas

Browse managed waterfowl hunting opportunities on the 15 conservation areas listed below. These intensively managed wetlands provide waterfowl with much-needed habitat during migration. The Department limits the number of hunting parties on these areas to enhance hunting quality and maintain resource integrity.

  • Some of these areas have permanent blinds, and others provide opportunities for hunters to wade in or hunt from boat blinds.
  • Most areas have disable-accessible blinds.
  • NOTE: Permits and federal duck stamps are not  sold at conservation areas, except for Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. Please purchase permits, duck stamps, or reprints of lost or misplaced permits before attending draws at participating conservation areas.
  • NOTE: You must be a Missouri resident with a conservation number to use the waterfowl reservation system.

All these areas include shallow marsh hunting.

Location Wade-and-Shoot Hunting Temporary Blinds Only Water Blinds Field Hunting for Geese Number of ADA Blinds Boats Boats for Blinds Only Boat Launches Camping Closing Time
1 B.K. Leach — 4,307 acres Lincoln County 573-898-5905 X   X   1 X       1 p.m.
2 Bob Brown — 3,307 acres Holt County 660-446-2694 X X     1     X X 1 p.m.
3 Columbia Bottom — 4,318 acres St. Louis County 314-877-6014 X X     1     X   1 p.m.
4 Duck Creek — 6,318 acres Bollinger, Stoddard, and Wayne counties 573-222-3337 X   X   1   X X X 1 p.m. closure in designated areas
5 Eagle Bluffs — 4,428 acres Boone County 573-445-3882 X X     2     X   1 p.m.
6 Fountain Grove — 7,983 acres Linn and Livingston counties 660-938-4124 X X X X 1   X X X 1 p.m. closure in designated areas
7 Four Rivers — 13,929 acres Vernon and Bates counties 417-395-2341 X X   X 1     X X Sunset
8 Grand Pass — 5,301 acres Saline County 660-595-2444 X X     1     X X 1 p.m.
9 Marais Temps Clair — 918 acres St. Charles County 573-898-5905 X       1         1 p.m. closure; waterfowl hunting Fri.–Mon. only
10 Montrose — 2,750 acres Henry County 660-693-4666 X   X   1     X X Sunset
11 Nodaway Valley — 3,881 acres Holt and Andrew counties 660-446-3371 X   X   1     X X 1 p.m. (west side) Sunset (east side)
12 Otter Slough — 4,866 acres Stoddard County 573-624-5821 X X X X 1   X X X 1 p.m.
13 Schell-Osage — 8,633 acres Vernon and St. Clair counties 417-432-3414 No morning drawing will be held on Schell-Osage for the 2020–2021 season. The Waterfowl Hunting Only areas will be open for opportunistic waterfowl hunting through self-registration at the area headquarters, but portions of these areas may be closed for construction.
14 Ted Shanks — 6,705 acres Pike County 573-248-2530 X   X   1     X X 1 p.m.
15 Ten Mile Pond — 3,755 acres Mississippi County 573-649-2770 X X   X 0     X   Sunset

NOTE: Depending on the weather, waterfowl hunting may also be available on an informal, opportunistic basis without a reservation at open hunting areas. Visit open hunting areas for a list.

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