Every Member Draws Procedure

  • Bob Brown, Columbia Bottom, Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, Marais Temps Clair, Otter Slough and Ten Mile Pond conservation areas use Every Member Draws (EMD) to allot waterfowl-hunting spots.
  • Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough use the Quick Draw system to allocate 75 percent of their hunting spots. Those areas allocate the remaining 25 percent of the spots through a poor-line drawing using the EMD procedure.

Reservation Parties

  • As a reservation holder, you must check in before official draw time and present a valid photo I.D. (unless you are under 16 years of age) to verify Missouri residency. Staff will confirm your reservation by referring to the reservation holder list and check off your name to ensure arrival before official draw time.
  • Reservations will not be honored if you have not checked in by official draw time.
  • During the check-in procedure, you will give the completed Waterfowl Hunting Tags for each member of your party to the employee conducting the drawing. You will then be allowed to draw one “pill” from the box that contains the number of pills equal to the number of water hunting locations available. Example: if 27 locations are available, pills 1–27 will be used.
  • You may elect to forfeit your reservation, sign the waiting-list sign-up sheet, and draw in the poor line. You may NOT draw in the reservation drawing, forfeit the pill, then sign the waiting list and draw in the poor line.
  • NOTE: It is possible for a reservation holder to be on time and check in before official draw time, but not have enough time to draw a pill by official draw time. In this case, you will be allowed to draw a pill after the official draw time (only if checked in on time), but before the morning talk and poor-line drawing.

Waiting List Parties in the Poor Line

  • Every member from each party drawing in the poor line must sign the waiting-list sign-in sheet before official draw time. Reservation holders and members of their party do not sign the waiting list.
  • The maximum party size is four people, and each hunting-party member must be properly licensed. Non-hunting, un-licensed observers may not participate in the drawing and are not allowed to draw a pill. However, up to three observers may be included as part of a four person party (as long as the party member drawing is properly licensed). All observers and hunting or non-hunting youth count toward the maximum party size of four.

Drawing Procedure

  • Before official draw time, area staff will ask if every member from each party has signed the waiting-list sign-in sheet (excluding reservation holders) and double check to see if all of the reservation holders present have checked in. At official draw time, staff will announce “Registration is officially closed” and take the waiting-list sign-in sheet behind the counter. At this time, the morning speech will begin, and no additional names will be added to the waiting list. Parties not signed up on the waiting list will not be allowed to draw.
  • Area staff will then count the number of signatures on the sign-in sheet (Example: 40 signatures = 40 people) to determine the number of pills to add to the box.
  • The number of pills added will equal the number of signatures on the waiting-list sign-in sheet (in this example, 40) plus the number of reservation holders present (in this example, 10), plus 3 (to allow for error), minus the number of pills originally placed in the box (in this example, 27). Staff will add the appropriate number of pills — no more, no less — to the box (Example: 40 + 10 + 3 – 27 = add 26 pills).
  • If there is enough room, area staff will require that all poor-line party members be present at the window to draw a pill.
  • If space is a problem, each poor-line party member need not be present to draw a pill. Instead, one party member can draw a pill for each party member. However, if the party draws a pill for an absent member and that member is not in the room by the time their number is called, then the entire party forfeits their privilege to hunt the area through the managed-hunt system that day.
  • For a party member running late, a completed Waterfowl Hunting Tag must be submitted when the party draws a pill, but the party will not be allowed to draw a pill for this party member. Area staff need to be notified of this situation before party members draw their pills.
  • Every poor-line party must draw the appropriate number of pills. That is, if a party of four draws pill #1 on the first pull, they still must draw three more pills.
  • After everyone has drawn, area staff will announce a “Last Call to Draw.” Once everyone has drawn, staff will announce the “Draw is officially closed.
  • A party can request to forfeit their pill immediately after they have drawn if the party wishes. If a party chooses to forfeit their pill no member of that party may draw a second time or be added to another party.

Post-Draw Allocation of Hunting Locations

  • Beginning with the lowest number first, area staff will proceed to issue hunting locations by calling forward the party with the lowest number drawn and allow them to pick a hunting location. This process continues until all parties have selected a hunting location OR until all hunting locations are allocated for that day. Note: All party members who drew a pill must be present at the window to select a hunting location.
  • For parties with members running late, area staff will detain the party members and keep their tags until the late individual arrives. At that time the party will be allowed to hunt as long as the party did not draw a pill for the individual running late. If the late party member does not arrive by the time the draw room closes, only the party members present will be allowed to hunt. NOTE: Staff will not keep the draw room open any later than usual to accommodate a late member of a hunting party.

Disabled-Accessible Hunting Blinds

  • Parties registered to hunt in disabled-accessible blinds may be processed as soon as possible to minimize crowding and confusion.
  • Party members registered to hunt a disabled-accessible blind are not eligible to participate in the EMD procedure unless they first forfeit their disabled-accessible blind reservation.

Check the Code

This is NOT a legal document. Regulations are subject to revision during the current year.
Refer to the Wildlife Code.

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