Waterfowl Drawing Procedures

Browse three ways to draw for managed waterfowl hunts at Missouri's 15 managed waterfowl areas, including Every Member Draws (EMD), One Member Draws (OMD), and Quick Draw (QD).

General Procedures

  • All hunting party members of a reservation party, OMD party, and EMD party must be properly licensed prior to participating in the morning draw. Hunting party members may only participate in ONE morning drawing on the same day. Participation includes having another member submit a waterfowl hunting tag for you in your absence.
  • Waterfowl hunters may not be registered for more than one location, or possess more than one valid Daily Waterfowl Hunting Tag at the same time; hunters must check out prior to registering for another unit or area.
  • Refer to the links below for detailed procedures about Every Member Draws, One Member Draws, and Quick Draw areas

Reservation Holders

  • Reservation holders must arrive and check in at the window a few minutes before official draw time.
  • Reservation holders must present a form of I.D. at check ;in.
  • After checking in, reservation holders will draw one pill from a draw box filled with numbered pills representing all of the available hunting sites.
  • At official draw time, a final call for reservation holders will be made followed by an announcement “The reservation drawing is closed." No late reservations will be honored.

Waiting List Members

  • Before the official draw time, every member of a waiting list party at EMD areas, and one member from each waiting list party at OMD areas must sign the waiting list sheet.
  • At official draw time, area staff announces that sign-up is closed and picks up the list. No names can be added to the waiting list after the list has been taken into the office.
  • At official draw time, and following completion of the reservation-holder drawing, the morning speech will begin.
  • Parties not signed up on the waiting list before official draw time will not be allowed to participate. Parties arriving late may be allocated a hunting spot if any remain after the drawing.

In This Section

Every Member Draws Procedure

Bob Brown, Columbia Bottom, Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, Marais Temps Clair, Otter Slough, and Ten Mile Pond conservation areas use this drawing procedure to allot waterfowl-hunting spots. Also, the Quick Draw areas of Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough use this procedure to allocate the remaining 25 percent of the spots through the poor-line drawing.

One Member Draws Procedure

B.K. Leach, Duck Creek, Fountain Grove, Four Rivers, Montrose, Nodaway Valley, Schell-Osage, and Ted Shanks use this procedure.

Quick Draw Procedure

Learn how the Quick Draw system allots guaranteed line positions at Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough, and view drawing and hunt dates.

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