Quick Draw

Learn Quick Draw requirements and procedures, and apply for guaranteed line positions at Grand Pass, Eagle Bluffs, and Otter Slough. Browse results, draw dates, and success rates.

Quick Draw provides hunters the option of applying twice a week — once for hunts occurring Friday through Monday and once for hunts occurring Tuesday through Thursday.


  • Who may apply: Missouri residents possessing a conservation ID number (find your nine-digit conservation ID number on the top of your hunting permit or on the back of your Heritage Card next to the bar code). A hunter may apply for anyone living in his/her immediate household, but the Quick Draw holder must be present at the hunt.
  • When to apply: Quick Draw begins accepting applications a week before the opening of waterfowl season.
  • How to apply: Visit the Quick Draw Application below. Have your conservation ID number ready.

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Quick Draw Results Text Notification

Want to get a text notification if your number is drawn for a hunt through Missouri's Quick Draw system? Sign up when you register.

Quick Draw Success Rates

What are the odds of winning a Quick Draw reservation at Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, or Otter Slough? Browse success rates for the last four seasons.

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Quick Draw Procedure

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