Waterfowl Hunt Program Evaluation


The Department of Conservation reviewed the Managed Waterfowl Hunt Program to determine if any changes were needed. This program strives to provide quality hunting experiences and equal opportunities in a manner that encourages participation of new and more seasoned hunters.

Data Sources

For this evaluation, we used data sources that included daily green cards, statistics from the daily drawings, and hunter opinion survey results.

Info from Webcasts

We presented some results from our data analysis through live webcasts on Sept. 6 and 12.

September 6 Webcast

September 12 Webcast

Next Steps

Managers from our 15 managed wetland areas across the state will develop recommendations for potential changes to the morning draw and reservation systems. These recommendations will be posted in the draw rooms and online during this duck season so hunters have additional opportunities to discuss them with MDC staff. We will make final decisions in early 2019 and any adjustments could be made as early as the 2019 duck season.

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