Teal Season Wetland Area Status

Want to check the status of a wetland area before heading out to hunt teal? This table is updated yearly to provide information about whether or not there's a morning drawing, construction notices, and habitat status on 18 managed wetland areas so that you can make an informed decision about where to go.

2019 Teal season - Status of Missouri wetland areas as of September 6, 2019
Conservation Area Self-Check In or Drawing Repairs & Construction  Habitat/Food Status Teal Season*
Moist-Soil Acres Flooded/ Wetland Status No. Parties
Nodaway Valley Self-Check East side repairs will significantly limit water for teal season. Good 35-50 No Limit
Bob Brown Self-Check Ongoing repairs to levees and roads. None Varies as river rises and falls No Limit
Fountain Grove Self-Check Pump Station Construction Excellent 900 No Limit
Grand Pass Self-Check Repairs to Pool 1 and Pool 2 levees. Fair 800-1000 No Limit
Eagle Bluffs 4:30 AM Drawing Opening Weekend Only One broken levee, both river pumps down Fair ~325 28-30 opening weekend, no limit remainder of season
Ted Shanks Self-Check Replacing all old water control structures, working on levee breaks and scour areas. Fair/Good ~600 don’t plan to pump any water for teal season No limit
B.K. Leach Self-Check Major Damage Very Poor/Limited Cover 400 No limit
Marais Temp Clair Self-Check Minor repairs Very Poor 700 No limit
Columbia Bottom Self-Check Limited vehicle access to area Poor 300 No limit
Montrose Self-Check None Poor Lake area No limit
Settles Ford Self-Check None Good 800 No limit
Schell-Osage Self-Check Portions maybe closed for construction Poor 1400 Acres due to flooding. Acres will decrease as river drops No Limit
Four Rivers Self-Check Unit 1 & 2 gate replacement; Unit 3 levee repair Poor Units 1 & 2 may be drained. Units 3 & 4 ~2,000 No Limit
Duck Creek 5:00AM Drawing Opening Weekend Only Main Entrance road is closed Entrance will be from Pool 3 and Unit A/B Good/Excellent North Pool 1- 900 Units A & B - ~150 18-20 opening weekend, no limit remainder of season
Otter Slough 5:00AM Drawing None Excellent 800 ~20
Coon Island Self-Check None Fair Borrows Only ~15 acres, depends on recent rains No Limit
Ten-Mile Pond Self-Check None Good 150-250 No Limit
Little River Self-Check None Good 40 3

* Preliminary estimates are based on late summer projections. They will be updated the week before teal season.

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