Preseason Wetland Area Status

2020 Status of Missouri Managed Wetland Areas as of October 16, 2020
Area Repairs And Construction Habitat/Food Status Water Management Hunting Parties Per Day
Moist-Soil Timber Floodable Crops Blind Walk-in
Nodaway Valley Potential West side pump replacement Good NA Good Normal unless river drops below pump intakes during fall flows of the Nodaway River. 4 blinds plus 1 ADA 13-15 plus 150 acre open area
Bob Brown Ongoing levee and road repairs will significantly restrict access to the area. Fair NA Fair Currently No water on area due to construction and repairs of flood damage from 2019. No ADA Blind this year. Open hunting, self-check, no reservations
Fountain Grove Pump Station Construction Good Fair Fair Water management on west side units will be greatly delayed due to issues related to new pump station construction and repairs to old pump station. Management on East-Side Wetland Complex will be normal. 0-25 Blinds (Contingent upon localized rainfall and flooding) 0-1 ADA 4-8 (dry fall) 5-10 (wet fall)
Grand Pass None. Excellent NA Good Normal 1 ADA 15-40
Eagle Bluffs None Excellent NA Good Normal 2 ADA 10-21
Ted Shanks None Good Poor Fair Normal 4-8 plus 1 ADA 12-28
B.K. Leach Moderate The new draw building is located off BK Leach Rd. in the River Slough Tract of BK Leach. Fair NA Fair Delayed pumping in River Slough Tract due to river levee repairs. Limited early season pumping in Bittern Basin Tract due to delayed contracted pump replacement. 3 (1 ADA) 11-18
Marais Temps Clair Minor Poor NA None Normal 1 ADA 6-9
Columbia Bottom Multiple river levee breeches.  Pool 1 refuge levee damage. Good NA Poor Heavy rains and sustained high river levels limited crop management in the pools in April – July.  Hunter cover will be limited. 1 ADA 5-10
Montrose None Excellent NA NA Lake is several feet low due to dry conditions which will reduce hunting opportunity and make access to blinds more difficult. 13 (1 ADA) 2
Settle’s Ford Levee repairs in Unit 4 Poor NA NA Most pools dry.  Need significant rainfall to fill pools. 1 ADA Open hunting, self-check
Schell-Osage Preliminary brush clearing complete - Renovation upcoming Fair NA NA Currently dry. Will hold some water if flooding or heavy rainfall occurs. Limited accessibility. 0 Open hunting, self-check, no reservations
Four Rivers Unit 3 levee repairs nearly complete. Unit 3 now functional. Good NA Fair/Poor Draw Units 1andUnit1 – river too low to pump and lake low; limited positions likely Draw Unit 2 – Normal still able to pump; may be lower than normal at start Open Units 3 and 4 – Dry. Dependent on river rise 1 ADA 14-23 plus open units
Duck Creek None Good Good None Normal 24 (1 ADA) 22 positions + up to 50 ind. in Pool 8 + up to 25 ind. in Pool 7 (Wed, Sat & Sun)
Otter Slough None Good NA Fair Normal 12 (1 ADA) 17-20
Coon Island None Good Good NA River will influence management decisions 0 Open Hunting
Ten Mile Pond None Excellent NA Good Normal 0 10-20
Little River None Good NA Fair Normal 0 7

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