Preseason Wetland Area Status

2018 Status of Missouri Managed Wetland Areas as of August 27, 2018 (will be updated again in early October)
Area Repairs & Construction Habitat/Food Status Water Management Hunting Parties Per Day
Moist-Soil Timber Floodable Crops Blind Walk-in
Nodaway Valley West side pump replacement Good NA Good Normal unless river drops below pump intakes and/or pump replacement takes longer than expected. 4 blinds plus 1 ADA 13-15 plus 150 acre open area
Bob Brown None      Good NA Good Normal unless river drops below pump intakes. 1 ADA 15 - 19
Fountain Grove None Excellent Fair Good Normal 18 1 ADA 4-8 (dry fall) 16-18 (wet fall)
Grand Pass 1 large pump out of service Good/Excellent NA Good Normal 1 ADA 15-40
Eagle Bluffs None Fair NA Good Normal 2 ADA 14-17
Ted Shanks None Fair/Good Poor Good Normal 4-8 plus 1 ADA 12-34
B.K. Leach Minor repairs Good NA Poor Normal 5 (1 ADA) 8-16
Marais Temps Clair Summer repairs delayed habitat work Good NA Poor Normal 1 ADA 6-9
Columbia Bottom 1 pump down for repairs Excellent NA Good Pool levels may be lower than normal until pump is repaired 1 ADA 6-10
Montrose None Poor NA NA Normal 13 (1 ADA) 2
Settle’s Ford Pool 4-3 Levee repairs Good NA NA Normal 1 ADA Open Hunting
Schell-Osage Major wetland renovation NA NA NA NA CLOSED CLOSED
Four Rivers None fair/good NA fair/good Draw pools – Normal in Units 1 & 2.  Open Units 3 and 4 –  only 20% full unless rain and river rise 1 ADA 20-24 plus open units
Duck Creek None Good Good Fair/Poor Normal 24 (1 ADA) 22 positions + up to 50 ind. in Pool 8 + up to 25 ind. In Pool 7 (Wed, Sat & Sun)
Otter Slough Minor repairs to water control structure on Otter Lake Good NA Good Draw down year on Otter Lake, expect limited opportunity during youth season. 12 (1 ADA) 17-20
Coon Island Potential Levee Repairs Fair Good Fair to Poor Water management should be normal.  Habitat conditions will be poor due to summer flooding. 0 Open Hunting
Ten Mile Pond None Excellent NA Fair Normal 0 10-20
Little River None Good NA Poor Normal 0 7

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