The Poor Line

The No Reservation Line, or “poor line”, is a phrase used for the group of hunters who show up for the morning draw without a guaranteed spot to hunt to try their luck in the drawing for a hunting spot. Residents and nonresidents can participate in the poor line. Twenty-five percent of all hunting spots at the three wetland areas that use Quick Draw are allocated through the poor line, and 50% of all hunting spots at 12 wetland areas that use the Waterfowl Reservation System are allocated through the poor line.

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Quick Draw Procedure

Learn how the Quick Draw system allots guaranteed line positions at Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough, and view drawing and hunt dates.

Every Member Draws Procedure

Bob Brown, Columbia Bottom, Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, Marais Temps Clair, Otter Slough, and Ten Mile Pond conservation areas use this drawing procedure to allot waterfowl-hunting spots. Also, the Quick Draw areas of Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough use this procedure to allocate the remaining 25 percent of the spots through the poor-line drawing.

One Member Draws Procedure

B.K. Leach, Duck Creek, Fountain Grove, Four Rivers, Montrose, Nodaway Valley, Schell-Osage, and Ted Shanks use this procedure.

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