St. Louis Fishing

Group of children fishing on grassy bank at urban lake.

Fishing access in St. Louis is better than ever with 17 urban lakes spread out across St. Louis and St. Louis County. Use the interactive map below to plan your next urban fishing trip.

Our lakes feature a variety of fish, but what you catch will depend on the time of year and which lake you decide to visit.

Check out the Prospects Report for more on fishing in St. Louis.

Urban lakes see regular stockings by the Missouri Department of Conservation throughout the year. Channel catfish are stocked at all lakes, March through September. Trout are stocked at selected lakes during the winter. Area regulations apply. Refer to MDC  fishing regulations signs on-site before fishing.

Fish stocking information is available by calling the St. Louis Fish Stocking Hotline at 636-300-9651.

Visitor information about all other public lakes and ponds in St. Louis can be found by contacting our regional office at 636-441-4554.

St. Louis Urban Fishing Map

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Fish St. Louis

Listing of St. Louis area Urban Fishing Program spots.

St. Louis Conservation Fishing Centers

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Fishing Centers (CFC) are set up to serve St. Louis Area organized aquatic education, youth, and disabled fishing programs.

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