Fish Attractor GPX Files

MDC has created fish attractors in these lakes by sinking trees and other objects for fish to gather. If you know where these structures are, you'll know where the fish are!


  1. Download the ZIP files on this page and open them.
  2. Transfer the GPX file inside the ZIP file to your GPS device.
  3. Go fishing!

File Attachments

Austin Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Ben Branch Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Binder Community Lake (zip, 992 bytes)
Blue Springs Lake (zip, 2 KB)
Brookfield City Lake (zip, 874 bytes)
Buffalo Bill Lake (zip, 2 KB)
Bull Shoals Lake (zip, 32 KB)
Clearwater Lake (zip, 756 bytes)
Deer Ridge Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Fellows Lake (zip, 5 KB)
Fourche Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Fox Valley Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Hunnewell Lake (zip, 2 KB)
Lake Jacomo (zip, 829 bytes)
LaBelle Lake (zip, 941 bytes)
Lake of the Ozarks (zip, 5 KB)
Lakeview Park Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Lancaster City Lake (zip, 834 bytes)
Little Dixie Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Long Branch Lake (zip, 908 bytes)
Longview Lake (zip, 922 bytes)
Macon City Lake (zip, 790 bytes)
Manito Lake (zip, 1000 bytes)
Maple Leaf Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Mark Twain Lake (zip, 937 bytes)
McCredie Farm Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Mozingo Lake (zip, 4 KB)
Norfork Lake (zip, 10 KB)
Paho Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Phillips Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Pomme de Terre Lake (zip, 27 KB)
Pony Express Lake (zip, 3 KB)
Prairie Lee Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Ripley Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Rocky Fork Lake (zip, 740 bytes)
Route J Reservoir (zip, 1 KB)
Sims Valley Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Smithville Lake (zip, 31 KB)
Stockton Lake (zip, 23 KB)
Table Rock Lake (zip, 60 KB)
Thomas Hill Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Tipton Park Lake (zip, 1 KB)
Towell Lake (zip, 1 KB)
TriCity Community Lake (zip, 906 bytes)
Truman Lake (zip, 16 KB)
Wappapello Lake (zip, 3 KB)
Watkins Mill Lake (zip, 971 bytes)
Willow Brook Lake (zip, 1 KB)

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