Bass - Temperate

White, Yellow, Striped & their Hybrids


Striped bass side view

Reports and Prospects for White Bass

White Bass
Other Names: Striped bass, striper, streaker, silver bass, sand bass. Silvery, spiny-rayed elongated fish with several dark horizontal streaks along the sides. Back is blue-gray with silvery reflections. Sides are silvery with a faint blue-green tinge and several horizontal olive-gray streaks.

Striped Bass
Primarily a marine species native to the Atlantic Coast of North America, the striped bass has been successfully stocked into numerous reservoirs throughout the United States. A silvery, elongated fish with prominent dark, horizontal stripes along the sides.

Hybrid Striped Bass
A silvery, spiny-rayed fish with several dark, horizontal streaks along the sides. Streaks often discontinuous. A sharp spine is present on the gill cover. Spinous and soft parts of dorsal fin entirely separate. Lower jaw projects beyond upper jaw.

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