North Fork of the White River


The use of porous-soled waders is prohibited.
While on any waters with length limits, all trout you possess must be kept with head, tail, and skin intact.

Upper outlet of Rainbow Spring to Patrick Bridge - 8.6 miles:  Blue Ribbon Trout Area, see restrictions below.

Unimpounded river and its tributaries from Patrick Bridge to Norfork Lake - 7.0 miles:  Red Ribbon Trout Area, see restrictions below.



Blue Fish

Blue Ribbon Trout Area

Excellent trout habitat and smaller streams that support naturally reproducing rainbow trout.

Harvest is limited to maintain the maximum density of adult trout, create excellent catch-and-release fishing, and provide the occasional chance to harvest a trophy. These areas on the Current and North Fork of the White rivers are stocked with brown trout, and the Eleven Point River is stocked with rainbows.

Red Fish

Red Ribbon Trout Area (All Lures)

High-quality habitat stocked with brown trout and a few rainbows.

They provide catch-and-release fishing and a chance to harvest quality-size trout.

Blue Ribbon Trout Area Restrictions:

Length Limit: At least 18"
Daily Limit: 1
Authorized Lures: Artificial lures and flies

Only flies and artificial lures may be used, and soft plastic baits and natural and scented baits are prohibited when fishing for any species.
Gigging, bowfishing and using an atlatl are prohibited, and fish taken by these methods may not be possessed on these waters or their banks.

Red Ribbon Trout Area (All Lures) Restrictions:

Length Limit: At least 15"
Daily Limit: 2
Authorized Lures: All

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