Current River (White Ribbon)


While on any waters with length limits, all trout you possess must be kept with head, tail, and skin intact.

Mainstem and its tributaries: Walleye and sauger—18” minimum length limit

In Dent, Texas and Shannon counties: The use of porous-soled waders is prohibited.

From Cedar Grove to the Arkansas line: Nongame fish—The daily limit may include no more than 5 hogsuckers.

Downstream from Cedar Grove Bridge crossing - 7.7 miles: White Ribbon Trout Area



White Fish

White Ribbon Trout Area

Coldwater streams capable of supporting trout populations year-round. All receive periodic stockings of rainbow trout, and some also receive brown trout. They provide great opportunities for catching and harvesting trout and the occasional chance to harvest a large trout.

White Ribbon Trout Area Restrictions:

Length Limit: Rainbows -- none; Browns -- at least 15"
Daily Limit: 4
Authorized Lures: All

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