Paddlefish Management

Sport and commercial anglers prize Missouri’s paddlefish. The Department’s primary paddlefish management goals are to maintain healthy and sustainable populations and manage paddlefish statewide as a high-quality sport fish.

Annual Stocking at Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Reservoir and Table Rock Lake

Since paddlefish do not naturally reproduce in our three large reservoir fisheries, MDC maintains these reservoir populations with annual stockings of hatchery-produced fingerlings. MDC staff has been raising paddlefish at Blind Pony Hatchery near Sweet Springs for reservoir stocking since 1970. Paddlefish brood stock are collected from the three reservoirs each spring and taken to Blind Pony where the eggs are manually extracted and fertilized. The fry are raised at the hatchery until September when almost 40,000, 10- to 12-inch fingerlings are then stocked in Lake of the Ozarks (15,000), Harry S. Truman Reservoir (15,000) and Table Rock Lake (7,500).