Preseason Wetland Area Status

2015 Status of Missouri Managed Wetland Areas as of October 9, 2015
Area Repairs  And Construction Habitat/Food Status Water Management Hunting Parties Per Day
Moist- Soil Timber Floodable Crops Blind Walk-in
Nodaway Valley None Good NA Fair-poor Normal unless river drops below pump intakes. 4 blinds plus 1 ADA 13-15 plus 150 acre open area
Bob Brown None if pump repair is completed on schedule Good NA Fair Normal unless river drops below pump intakes. 1 ADA 15 - 19
Fountain Grove None Fair Fair Fair– East Side Only Normal 18 1 ADA 4-8 (dry fall)
16-18 (wet fall)
Grand Pass None Excellent NA Fair/Poor Normal 1 ADA 15-40
Eagle Bluffs None Good NA Fair Normal 2 ADA 14-17
Ted Shanks Working on new water control structures and levees on the south side. Excellent Fair Poor Some possible water management limitations on the south end of the area related to ongoing construction. 8 plus 1 ADA 17-33
B.K. Leach None Fair/Good NA None Normal 5 (1 ADA) 8-16
Marais Temps Clair None Good NA None Normal 1 ADA 6-9
Columbia Bottom None Good NA None Normal 1 ADA 6-10
Montrose None Fair NA NA Normal 13 (1 ADA) 2
Settle’s Ford None Fair/Good NA NA 600 acres 1 ADA Open Hunting
Schell-Osage None Poor NA None Normal 27 (2 ADA) 11 Parties
Four Rivers ADA blind has severe damage – pool 9 closed Fair NA Poor Unit 1 & 2 – normal water management Unit 3 – 400 ac; Unit 4 – 1,400 ac 0 - ADA blind closed for repair 20-24 plus open units
Duck Creek Contract work at Kinder and Fishponds areas Excellent Good Poor Normal 26 (1 ADA) 21
Up to 50 ind. in Pool 8
Up to 25 ind. Pool 7 (Wed, Sat & Sun)
Otter Slough None Good NA Fair Normal. 12 (1 ADA) 17-20
Ten-Mile Pond None Excellent NA Good Normal 0 10-22
Coon Island None Poor   NA Normal 0 Open Hunting
Little River None Excellent N/A Fair Normal 0 Hunting Tues., Thurs., Sat., Sun. 3-4 parties/day. Self check-in at main parking lot

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