Preseason Wetland Area Status

Status of Missouri Managed Wetland Areas as of October 14, 2014
Area Repairs and Construction Habitat/Food Status Water
Hunting Parties Per Day
Timber Flood-
able Crops
Blind Walk-in
Nodaway Valley None Good NA Good Normal unless river drops below pump intakes. 4 blinds plus 1 ADA 13-15  plus 150 acre open area
Bob Brown None Good NA Good Normal unless river drops below pump intakes. 1 ADA 15 - 19
Fountain Grove None Fair Fair Good  Most pools on west side are at or near full pool. Major flood on September 11. 18
4-8 (dry fall)
16-18 (wet fall)
Grand Pass None Good NA Good 2 pumps are in the process of being repaired 1 ADA 15-40
Eagle Bluffs None Excellent NA Good Normal 2 ADA 14-17
Ted Shanks Ongoing construction on south end of area. Fair/Poor Fair/ Poor None Planned construction will limit water management and hunting opportunity on south end of area. 1 ADA 16-26
B.K. Leach None Good NA Poor Water levels are higher than normal 5 (1 ADA) 8-16
Marais Temps Clair None Good NA Good Normal 1 ADA 6-9
Columbia Bottom None Good NA Good Normal 1 ADA 6-10
Montrose None Fair NA NA Normal 13 (1 ADA) 2
Settle’s Ford None Good NA Good Normal 1 ADA Open Hunting
Schell-Osage None Excellent NA Good As of Oct 14th Schell-Osage is predicted to be impacted by flood waters from the Osage River. This may negatively affect habitat on area depending on depth and duration of flooding. 27 (2 ADA) 11 Parties
Four Rivers Unit 4: floodway repairs recently completed Good NA Good Draw Units 1 & 2 – normal water management Open Unit 3 – DU 75% full; Unit 4 full pool 1 ADA 20-24 plus open units
Duck Creek None Good Good Good Normal 28 (available after mid-November) 17 plus Mingo Pools 7 (25 individuals 3 days/wk) and 8 (40 individuals). Availability of Mingo positions dependent on timing of tree senescence.
Otter Slough Repairs should not affect flood up. Good NA Fair Normal. 12 (1 ADA) 17-22
Ten-Mile Pond None Excellent NA Good Normal 0 10-22
Coon Island None Good   Fair Normal 0 Open Hunting
Little River None Excellent N/A Fair Normal 0 Hunting is allowed Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 3-4 pools available each day. One party per pool. Self check-in at main parking lot.

NR = No Report.

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