Hunter Education & Skills Training

Hunter Education Requirement

Hunter education is required to buy a firearms hunting permit in Missouri. You must complete step 1 and 2 (in Missouri and not a surrounding state) to become hunter education certified. Read more details on hunter education requirements.

Step 1: The Knowledge Portion

Take a class in person or take a class online ($15 fee for online option) or complete a self-study guide

Step 2: The Skills Portion

Sign up for the Skills Session Class and Exam

Improve Your Skills

Many classes are available for bettering your hunting skills. Find skills training events near you.

Be a volunteer instructor

Experienced hunters are encouraged to volunteer as instructors for our Hunter Education courses. Contact your local MDC Office to learn more.

In This Section

Hunter Education and Certification Requirement

Missouri's hunter education course is required for any hunter born on or after January 1, 1967. Learn what the course covers and where to take it, including an online option for the knowledge portion.

Visit any MDC office to pick up a manual, or use this form to have one mailed to you.

Bowhunter Education

Be a better, safer, more successful bowhunter. Find Missouri bowhunter education classes near you.

Hunting and Shooting Skills Classes

Complementary hands-on classes build on the foundation of our required hunter education course to increase your skills in the field.

Effective Wingshooting Workshops

Improve your shotgunning skills, deepen your commitment to conservation, and reduce hunting expenses. Sign up to attend a free workshop.

Apprentice Hunter Program

Missouri's Apprentice Hunter Program gives people a chance to try hunting before getting hunter-education certified, as long as they hunt with an experienced hunter.