Lifetime Fishing Permit (residents only)


This permit carries the same privileges as the Resident Fishing Permit and the Trout Permit.

You must be a Missouri resident to purchase this permit. Learn about residency requirements.

Age 60-64


Age 40-59


Age 30-39


Age 16-29


Youth (0-15)


Check the Code

This is NOT a legal document. Regulations are subject to revision during the current year.
Refer to the Wildlife Code.


If you're a Missouri resident and in the National Guard or reserve forces, you may be eligible for reduced cost permits or exceptions. Learn more about military permits.

The Heritage Card

The card makes buying hunting and fishing permits easy. Learn more about the heritage card.

Apprentice Hunter Authorization

Apprentice hunters can purchase firearms hunting permits and hunt in the immediate presence of a mentor.
Learn more about apprentice hunters.