Heritage Card

The Department's Heritage Card makes buying hunting and fishing permits a breeze — and it gives you a discount on books, videos, nursery stock, and several other selected Department products.

Heritage Card

Stores your conservation info, gives you discounts at Nature Shops

The Heritage Card, which looks like a credit card, stores registration information on a magnetic strip. Lose your hunter education card? You can purchase the Heritage Card to replace it if your hunter-ed certification can be verified through Department records.

You also get a 15-percent discount on selected retail merchandise sold at Conservation Department facilities.

Note: The Heritage Card is not a permit.

Makes buying permits and replacing lost ones easy

When you purchase a permit at a vendor location, the vendor scans the card and keys in the type of permit. A printer then issues the permit. Less paperwork, fewer mistakes.

Also, if you lose a permit purchased at a vendor, you can use your Heritage Card to replace it.

How do I get one?

You can order a Heritage Card for $2 at conservation service centers and retail permit vendors throughout Missouri. You can purchase your Heritage Card at the same time you buy your hunting and fishing permits. You'll receive the card in 4 to 6 weeks.

How do I replace a broken, lost or stolen card?

We will replace broken cards free of charge. Call 573-522-4115, ext. 3549, or mail the card to Missouri Department of Conservation, Permit Services, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180.

Lost or stolen cards can not be replaced and will have to be repurchased.

My name changed — how can I get my new name on my old Heritage Card?

We can't change the name on your card, but we can change the name attributed to your card on our point-of-purchase system. That way, your new name will appear in the vendor's system when you purchase new permits or MDC Nature Shop products. Just call us at 573-522-4115, ext. 3549.

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Finding your Conservation Number

Learn how to find your conservation number on your Heritage Card and permit slip.

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