Meramec River


Black bass - Daily and possession limit is 12 fish and may include no more than 6 largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, combined total of both species.

Spotted bass - no minimum length limit

In Crawford and Phelps counties:

The use of porous-soled waders is prohibited.
While on any waters with length limits, all trout you possess must be kept with head, tail, and skin intact.

From Highway 8 bridge to Scott's Ford and in Dry Fork Creek from the elevated cable crossing to its confluence with the Meramec River - 8.2 miles




Red Fish

Red Ribbon Trout Area (Artificial Lures)

High-quality habitat stocked primarily with browns.

They provide catch-and-release fishing and a chance to harvest quality-size trout.

Red Ribbon Trout Area (Artificial Lures) Restrictions:

Length Limit: At least 15"
Daily Limit: 2
Authorized Lures: Artificial lures and flies

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