Liberty Park Pond


Trout permits are required if trout are kept.

Trout may be taken by pole and line using all types of lures and baits allowed by state regulations, except during the dates listed below.

November 1 - January 31:
Catch and release only for trout
Flies, artificial lures and unscented soft plastic baits only



Winter Trout Fishing Area

Rainbow trout are stocked in the winter beginning in early November.

Fishing is permitted year-round during normal park or area hours. Unless indicated in the area rules, trout may be taken by pole and line using all types of lures and baits under statewide limits. A trout permit is required to keep trout.

Winter Trout Fishing Area Restrictions:

You must stop fishing for all species after having 4 trout in possession 

Nov. 1 - Jan. 31:
Only 1 pole may be used.
Use of chum is prohibited.

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